The Museum of Movements (MoM) is a new national museum currently under development. The museum will be based on civil rights movements’ perspectives on democracy and migration. The museum is being tried out and developed together with a range of different stakeholders in the Work Room at Bergsgatan 20, Malmö. It is planned that the finished Museum of Movements (MoM) will open somewhere in Malmö in about five years. The Museum of Movements is being developed on behalf of the Swedish state and the City of Malmö.


The Museum of Movements is the new national museum of democracy and migration in Malmö. The museum is the result of a preliminary study that resulted in the adoption of civil society’s perspective on democracy and migration. The preliminary study, which took place between January 2016 and April 2017, showed there is significant need to highlight the different cultural heritages and rights struggles that have shaped Sweden – and still do so today. It is also hoped that the range of different stories presented by a new museum of democracy and migration will balance the currently one-sided perspectives on migration, social movements and democracy. Today, we face the task of building a new museum from the ground up, in just five years. The museum is being developed on behalf of the Swedish state and the City of Malmö. The museum is run by a working group within the City of Malmö’s Cultural Administration. 



Here you can find the museum’s programme. The museum is currently working on talks, lunchtime conversations, dialogue meetings, conferences, workshops, festivals and film screenings. Large parts of the programme are being developed in collaboration with local, national and international organisations. The purpose of the programme is to develop both content and methods for the full-scale museum. Between the various programmes, considerable focus is placed on developing the premises, personnel and museum. 


The Work Room at Bergsgatan 20 in Malmö has two primary functions that run in parallel: collecting knowledge that will inform the finished museum and strengthening relationships with various interested parties – i.e. the museum's interest groups/stakeholders. In practice, this means both collecting and giving back – a mutual interchange that will play a key role in how the museum is created.


Here you can see the various publications and brochures produced by the Museum of Movements. One of the most important publications, which led to the creation of the Museum of Movements, is the preliminary study, “The Museum of Movements – preliminary study for a national democracy and migration museum in Malmö”.


Welcome to contact us to get information about the museum, our projects and events or get in touch with the staff. You will also find information about possible vacancies.

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