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After hosting two interesting conversations reflecting on the Balaha case and arts and culture in Southeast Asia, this time Safe Havens Freedom Talks series offers a panel on how Covid-19 is affecting press freedom globally, as researched and presented by Index on Censorship in the project Disease Control, The panel discussion titled Disease Control featuring knowledgeable guests including the journalists working on the frontline, one participant each from Index and Justice for Journalists.

The event is produced in collaboration with Index on Censorship and it will be live streamed on Friday, October 30 at 2.30 pm CET / 1.30 pm GMT on ,

Disease control is a map run by Index on Censorship in partnership with Justice for Journalists Foundation. It tracks the media attacks that are happening globally as a result of Covid-19. In times of extraordinary crisis, governments often take the opportunity to roll back on personal freedoms and media freedom – and this is exactly what we have seen during the pandemic.

With reports from as early as January of this year, we have tracked where journalists have been attacked across the globe in an easy-to-navigate map. These attacks range from journalists being blocked from attending key government meetings or having their questions avoided by heads of state to actual detentions, arrests and physical attacks. We also feature situations where governments have implemented laws to stop the spread of “fake news” – an idea that may sound sensible but sets up governments as the final arbiters of what is true and what is not. More detailed information about the panel will come.

Note that you will be able to ask questions to the panel during the conversation, through our facebook site

Download program here.

Read more about Safe Havens here.

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